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GCE A Levels Physics Exam

Physics Tuition Singapore

We are a centre focused on delivering the highest standard of Physics education.

Our philosophy in teaching is creating a learning environment in which the student is in the driving seat of their own learning.

Our highly experienced team of teachers comprises of NIE trained teachers, and curriculum specialists to nurture and educate our students.

Our teachers will ensure that our lessons involve multiple learning modalities so that students learn through their preferred learning style.

Our teachers set high standards and high expectations by promoting growth mindsets among our students.

We strive to create an environment which empower students to make decisions for themselves so that they develop self-confidence and thinking skills.

We focus on problem based learning experiences where students are presented with a problem that they need to overcome. In overcoming the problems, students must use research skills to figure out solutions and apply them to their scenarios.

We encourage students to use scientific methods to solve problems. Through scientific inquiry, students do not simply learn new information, but learn how to seek truths through accurate and reliable testing methods.

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