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Tips on studying smart, not studying hard.

Have you started worrying about the upcoming O Levels and A Levels?

You have no idea where to start your revision?

Not feeling confident at all?

We will give you some tips on how to get yourself started!

(1) Plan a schedule

  • Start by drafting a timetable for yourself. Plan your timetable by allocating some time for each subject daily. Rotate the subjects and topics around.
  • Be disciplined and stick to your timetable.
  • Remember to give yourself a break in between revisions!

(2) It is never too late to ASK and better your understanding!

  • Have you heard of the phase “Better Late than Never”?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you face difficulties in studying and revising. Ask your teachers and your friends. If you are feeling shy, approach your teachers/friends to ask for 1-1 consultation.
  • *You never know if that question will appear in exams!

(3) Practice, practice, and MORE PRACTICE!

  • The more you practise, the better you understand the concepts and questions and the more confident you will be. Start with past years papers and other school preliminary papers. By practising, you will also know your strength and weak topics.

(4) Mind maps and flashcards

  • Prepare mind maps and flashcards for revising. It helps you to organize your concepts.  

(5) Do not wait till the last minute!

  • Cramming at the last minute is not productive. It will cause your brain to be “cluttered” with information. In addition, it will cause you stress if you are behind time. Stress does not help you to remember what you have studied. Start your revision now. 

(6) Lastly, Keep Yourself Healthy during the exam period. 

  • Stay hydrated and eat nutritious food during the exam period. You cannot afford to fall sick. Most importantly, have ample rest and sufficient sleep. Start now by sleeping early. 

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